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Tararua District Council - Key messages from the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC)

Dannevirke Water Treatment Update:

Tamaki River flow and turbidity levels are continuing to decline. As a result of this the Dannevirke water treatment plant is now able to produce water that is compliant with NZ Drinking Water Standards. This water is now being fed into our reservoir.

Flushing out the non-compliant water from the treated water reservoir and reticulation system has now begun. Once flushing has been completed, we hope to commence the required three day testing of water this afternoon.

If we achieve three days consecutive compliant water quality test results then it is possible that the Boil Water Notice will be lifted on Friday.  This is, however, dependant on further rainfall and the impacts it has on the Tamaki River.

As we have asked over the last few days, we would like all members of the community to continue to ensure that their neighbours, friends and family members who are not Facebook or don’t have reliable internet access know that we are still on a Boil Water Notice.

There have been no new reports of damage to roads throughout the district but road and route inspections are still being conducted by Tararua Alliance.  Coast Road remains closed at this time and we are happy to report that River Road will remain open, albeit single lane.  Staff are maintaining all road status information on Council’s website: