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Retention of recycling services to boost Districts Waste Free CHB efforts

Efforts to make Central Hawke’s Bay waste free are taking another step forward, with Central Hawke’s Bay, retaining Councils Drop off Recycling Centres across the District and extending the successful mobile rural recycling trailer service into rural communities.

As part of the Long Term Plan 2021-2031, Council consulted on options to boost its waste free efforts, extending kerbside rural recycling services and introducing rural recycling services to communities with mobile trailers for the first time.  As part of the introduction of kerbside rural recycling, services were introduced into Ōtane, Takapau, Tikokino and Ongaonga and the mobile recycling trailers into communities like Omakere, Elsthorpe and Flemington.  At this time, Council made the decision to close rural drop off centres in the townships where kerbside recycling was being extended. 

Being over six months since Council extended its services to include kerbside collections and two rural recycling trailers, recycling volumes across the District have been boosted.  In the introduction of new services, Council had originally expected the use of the Drop off Centres to decline as participation increased, however after monitoring, growth has continued. 

Central Hawke’s Bay Mayor Alex Walker said the uptake in recycling participation and the huge amount of feedback received regarding the potential removal of the Drop off Centres was obvious that people were wanting to recycle but needed support to overcome barriers.

“Making it as accessible as possible for people who reside rurally or within our main townships to recycle is a vital step forward in our Waste Free CHB vision’, says Central Hawke’s Bay Mayor Alex Walker. 
“While leaving the Rural Drop Off Centres was a challenging issue due to previous contamination and illegal dumping, we’ve got confidence this simple change will support people to do the right thing.’

The additional recycling trailer days took effect from Monday 7 March.  You can find out more about the trailer schedule and locations and ways to increase your recycling by visiting our website - and searching  #wastefreechb