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Local News


Summer water restrictions in the Tararua District

Tararua District Council would like to thank everybody for their water conservation efforts and for their help in reporting leaks, especially Dannevirke’s effort of saving around 2 million litres over the course of the week (around 7% of our towns weekly usage!) While this is great, it is necessary that the community, including extraordinary users, rally together to further reduce water usage.

Water levels in rivers are reducing so an increased focus on water conservation is important in all our towns. Norsewood, Woodville and Pahiatua will increase restriction levels.

Norsewood - Alternate Day Water Restrictions
Norsewood’s  water usage has steadily increased recently, to a point where it is not sustainable for the current bore. Alternate Day water restrictions will be employed and residents are urged to please conserve water immediately. 

Pahiatua - Total Outdoor Ban

Pahiatua’s water usage has been increasing rather than decreasing since December. Pahiatua’s water restriction level will therefore increase to Total Outdoor Ban to try and kerb this high demand. 
Council is completing work at the intake point at the Mangatainoka River to improve the ability of the infrastructure to take the consented amount of water. 

Woodville - Alternate evenings (7pm-9pm)

With minimal rain the Mangapapa River will soon reach low flows (below 24 litres per second). Under the current resource consent Council are not able to take water from the river at this point, meaning all water will come from the raw water reservoir. Council are increasing the water restriction level to reduce water consumption. This will reduce this likelihood of further restrictions being applied, but only if water use reduces.

Dannevirke - Total Outdoor Ban

Regular updates on the Dannevirke water supply will be provided. Staff are working with Horizons Regional Council and are prepared to apply for an emergency take should rain not eventuate. Our primary focus is to ensure we have water available for essential use.

Alternate Day Restrictions

Hand-held hoses only on alternate days, i.e. houses with even street numbers on even days and houses with odd street numbers on odd days.

Alternate Evening Restrictions

Hand-held hoses only on alternate evenings between 7pm - 9pm i.e. houses with even street numbers on even nights and houses with odd street numbers on odd nights.

Total Outdoor Ban

You may not:

  • Use sprinklers
  • Use soak hoses
  • Use irrigation systems
  • Hose of gardens
  • Wash vehicles, buildings or boats

You may:

  • Use buckets and watering cans to water gardens