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Local News


Local News

Central Hawke’s Bay Police have provided further clarification on the rules around pedestrian crossings.

Police had asked for motorists to be aware around crossings, following recent incidents in the main street of Waipukurau.

There was some debate around painted diamonds or lines near pedestrian crossings, and who had the right of way – motorists or pedestrians.

Sergeant Neil Baker, the officer in charge of CHB Police, said he sought some clarification of the issue.

He said the majority of pedestrian crossings in NZ should have a diamond painted approximately 50 metres either side from the crossing. 

Mr Baker said in simple terms, if a vehicle is between the diamond and the crossing, then the general rule is that the driver of the vehicle is deemed to have the right of way. 

He said there is actually an offence for a pedestrian who suddenly enters a pedestrian crossing when there isn’t sufficient time for the vehicle to stop.

Mr Baker said despite this, the main point is that Police ask for courtesy and caution at all times around pedestrian crossings from both motorists and pedestrians.

He said Police call for safety and common sense around crossings, and would encourage all pedestrians to stop and wait for vehicles to stop to ensure they have been seen before crossing. 

Likewise, Mr Baker said motorists should also drive to the conditions and adjust their speed to suit.


Great results for three local siblings at the NZ Gymnastics Champs in Auckland last week.

Caitlin, Kegan and Lachie Kirk all competed in various events at the Champs.

Caitlin, in the 13-14 women group, won a bronze medal in the synchro trampoline, finished 6th in the double mini trampoline, and 14th in the individual trampoline.

Kegan – who was in the 15-16 men category – won gold in the individual trampoline, silver in the synchro trampoline, and had a 4th placing in the double mini trampoline.

Lachie – competing in the Junior men’s International – won gold in the tumbling and the double mini trampoline, with a 4th placing in the synchro trampoline, and 6th in the individual trampoline.

In the closing awards, Lachie was also named National Overall Junior International Men’s champion. 

Their coach, Wayne Marsh, was awarded a Life Membership of Gymnastics NZ, along with a coaches medal.


Tararua Mayor Tracey Collis says Councils have eight weeks to consider and assess Three Waters reform proposals from the Government.

Recently Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced a $2.5 billion fund to give to Councils in exchange for their drinking water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure.

Tararua will receive just over $15 million, with approximately $3m from July 1, 2022, followed by the remainder from July 1, 2024.

The Government has put a caveat on the money in that it must be used for community wellbeing.

Mrs Collis says not only are these funds expected to deliver community wellbeing, but they are also meant to ensure councils and their communities are not worse off from losing their infrastructure and have funds for transition costs.

She says while there will be benefits, the potential negative or unintended consequences must also be understood.