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Government Cracks Down on Underage Vaping, Increases Maximum Fine for Retailers

Prime Minister Christopher Luxon has announced a significant crackdown on underage vaping, including an increase in the maximum fine for retailers caught selling vapes to minors. The current fine of $10,000 will be raised to $100,000 in an effort to deter retailers from selling vaping products to those under 18.

In addition to the fine increase, Luxon revealed that disposable vapes will be banned outright due to their affordability and accessibility, especially for minors. Luxon expressed concern over the growing number of young people vaping and emphasized the government's commitment to addressing this issue.

"The number of kids vaping worries me," Luxon stated. "That's why our government is doing something about it."

The announcement comes amid growing concerns about the impact of vaping on young people's health. Studies have shown that vaping can lead to nicotine addiction and have negative effects on adolescent brain development.