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Review: Waipawa M&D Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs Pantomime

Wednesday evening I had the pleasure of attending the final dress rehearsal for the Waipawa M & D’s latest production held at the Waipawa Municipal Theatre.

The curtain rose the song “Do You Believe in Magic” filled our ears and we were greeted with a stage full of cherry-dancing children in classic costumes setting the scene perfectly to welcome the audience into two hours of pure entertainment sure to leave you in fits …

“Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs” A modern twist on a popular tale. I enjoyed the attention to detail with set design, costumes, props & the swift seamless scene changes.  The entire cast all fell perfectly into their individual characters I complement each one!

Director – Helen Griffin I take my hat off, no easy feat and the proof was in the pudding let’s say the pudding was scrumptious!

Characters Mentions 

A trio of Snowettes helped narrate the story along the way. The trio complimented each other’s personalities making for great entertainment.

Snow White, who we meet 15 minutes in is quite the modern young lady. With spunk attitude & personality plus! Will she seek what she finds......

Young Snow White, I had to take time to acknowledge this little star in the making with the voice of an angel, and not once did she fall out of character.

Evil Queen, the voice the expressions the look all created a flawless role of an Evil Queen but was she as evil as they say … I will let you decide.

Nanny Spants the Housekeeper, the girl with a little bit extra! Who will have you falling off your seat with laughter, take note the hat changes there are a few. I very much enjoyed the enthusiasm that David brought to this character. 

The rest of the entire cast can be proud of stellar performances, the quirky one-liners, audience participation & added local humour were added bonuses

The use of modern songs with a twist related to all ages

I enjoyed how the stage was often full of characters especially children and the dancing girls pulled off some very polished footwork

All the hard work from the large cast was worth it & the audience definitely got what they came for a well-put-together show & a must-see for all ages!

Central Fm
Sereena Parkinson