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Local News


Local News

EIT says its Hawke’s Bay Campus at Taradale could be closed for about six months following damage from Cyclone Gabrielle.

EIT says the scale of damage has been significant with up to 90% of the ground floor buildings, which is over 500 rooms, being damaged.

It is estimated it will be closer to six months before a general transition to return to campus could begin.

Some programmes are being taught online or from alternate locations.


Local Police are asking parents to have a talk to their children about sending nude images on social media.

Senior Constable Andy Walker said there has been a few instances over recent months, where young boys in particular, have been getting images from people they don’t know, and in return asked to send one back, which they do.

He said once the image is sent back, the person starts getting blackmailed from someone overseas.

Mr Walker asks parents to talk to their children as once an image has been sent, it is out there forever, and often there is not a lot Police can do.


Lindsay Farm Dairy has won a silver medal for its A2 Organic Pasteurised milk at the Outstanding NZ 2023 Food Produucer awards.

In a post on its Facebook page, Lindsay Farm said it is great to be acknowledged for their hard work.