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Short and Long Term Solutions Sought to Safely Reopen and Repair Kairakau Road

Central Hawke’s Bay District Council is urgently working to find the best possible short and long term solution to safely reopen and repair Kairakau Road.
The rural road is closed at approximately the 7.1km mark, following significant and unexpected road movement which occurred as a result of the deluge of heavy rain that fell across the Hawke’s Bay region last week.  
Council has engaged specialist geotechnical drilling equipment to achieve a thorough understanding of the perimeters of the issue, and what options exist to resolve it.
“We appreciate that Kairakau Road is an important route for many of our residents and that the impact of the road closure is severe,” said Monique Davidson, Chief Executive of the Council.
“Our team is treating this as a priority, and is currently focussing on securing a safe, short term solution which will allow us to reopen the road for through-traffic as soon as possible.”
“The welfare of our residents is what is most important, and our teams are in touch with community groups and organisations, including Elsthorpe School and emergency services, and vulnerable residents to ensure no one’s wellbeing is compromised at this time.”
“Unfortunately, although maintenance of this section of road had been scheduled to take place this summer, we had no way of predicting that a slip of this significance would occur.

Kairakau Road has been affected by ongoing slow movement over a substantial period of time, with a known slump worsening in recent weeks.Major repairs had been scheduled by Council to remedy the slump, which would have involved the excavation, restabilising and rebuilding of the site, however a new approach is now required in response to the significance of the weekend’s slip.
Signed detours are in place through Mangakuri Road, Clareinch Road, Pourerere Road and River Road however road users are advised to take extra caution, as this route is less frequently used.