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Local News


Local News

NZTA will hold information sessions in Tararua to update progress on the Te Ahu A Turanga : Manawatu to Tararua Highway.

Today’s session is at the Woodville Sports Stadium from 5 to 7pm, followed by the Dannevirke Sports Centre next Tuesday between 5 and 7pm.

NZTA says the sessions are an opportunity to see the latest drone footage of highway construction, and to chat with members of the team. 


The Hawke’s Bay Regional Council has voted unanimously to establish Māori constituencies for the 2022 and 2025 local elections.

Council Chair Rex Graham said it has taken a while, but Council have now got this important decision over the line.

Co-chair of the Council’s Māori Committee, Michelle McIlroy, says she is extremely proud of the community and their demonstration of unity resulting in an 89% result of overall submissions in favour. 

The next step for the Regional Council will be a representation review to determine the total number of councillors, as well as Māori and General constituency boundaries and their names.

Meanwhile the Tararua District Council has also decided on a Maori Ward for the 2022 election.

Councillors met earlier this week to discuss the issue.

Council will also hold a representation review following the decision.


Central Hawke’s Bay Police are investigating after industrial batteries were taken from roadworks at Pukehou.

Senior Constable Andy Walker said the theft happened on Sunday night, with four batteries worth $455 each taken from the lights that indicate there is roadworks.

Anyone with information is asked to contact CHB Police.