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Local News


Local News

1500 tickets were sold for last weekend’s walk through the new Te Ahu a Turanga – Manawatu-Tararua Highway.

The fundraiser was organised by the Woodville Lions Club, with the majority of tickets selling out before Christmas. Most people opted for the 12-kilometre option for the chance to see how construction is progressing on the new highway, which is due to open mid-2025.

Sunday’s “walk” was the fourth organised, with plans for further such events before the road is opened.

 Central Hawke’s Bay residents who have camera footage of a large fireball seen in our skies on Sunday night to upload it to the Fireballs Aotearoa website.

Several locals reported seeing the fireball at 9.12pm on Sunday to the north.

Fireballs Aotearoa spokesperson and Central FM host, Steve Wyn Harris, says a person from Ashley Clinton described the fireball as “spectacular”. Steve asks locals to check their security camera footage and if they have any images of the fireball to upload it to the Fireballs Aotearoa website.

The Patangata Bridge will be closed to traffic for much of today and tomorrow while a routine inspection is undertaken. Engineers will assess the bridge between 9.30am and 12pm, then again 12.30pm to 3.30pm both days.

The Central Hawke’s Bay District Council says the detours are “fairly significant” and will affect local residents.

During the inspection, the bridge will be available for emergency service and rural post vehicles.

Immediate Level-4 water restrictions have been put in place in Waipukurau.

Central Hawke’s Bay District Council Chief Executive Doug Tate told Central FM this morning that Waipukurau was losing a “major amount of water – possibly through a breakage”. Council asked for urgent water saving.

As at 6.30 this morning the reservoir was at 40% and had dropped to 26% at 7.45am. Mr Tate said in order to lift restrictions, the reservoir would need to return to 40% full.

The cause of the issue was found on Porangahau Road. Council engaged Fire & Emergency NZ to help spread the conserve water message.

The latest updates are available on the Council Facebook page